Wednesday, July 15, 2009

put your ~~~~~MOUSE~~~~~ in the white box and sit it there and see what happens

hello people of blogger lets have a talk about funny looking cats here r some oppisites of cats cute and fuzzy~~~descusting and pail wrecly skin and not this is sounds purrrr~~~ purcchhofzzvxcnoh!!! and if you want me to talk about other stuff just comment me and i will post any topic

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

not my favorite skateboarder but he is awsome at primos plz comment on this vidio

how to be gangster

this vidio is so funny but you have to see the whole vidio or else it dosent make sence so cheak out how to be gangster plzzzzzz leave a comment

$k@t3 d0nt h@t3

im almost 11 and i skate alot this is my first blog i have yet and my uncle david is guiding me threw. my blog will have insane vidios,pics and way more stuff its my first day (tuesday,10:43,2009,juli 14)this is more of a family and sk8er site not ganna be populer ill tell u that hope you like this site and i do have a brother that will soon make one